Industry Solutions

We have felt the need of delivering industry specific applications which cannot be covered with generic vanilla system. We have identified two primary industries that are very specific and look for such applications, and we are also ready for them. The first one is the telecom sector and the second one is the banking sector. We offer the industry solution on top of our generic product as an extension. Following are our industry specific applications:

Telecom Management System:

Telecom is the critical facility of a country these days. It's technology is evolving rapidly and transforming the society. We felt the need helping the telecom companies to integrate the enterprise platform with the network systems to minimize their struggles in productivity, control and compliance. The following functional features are provisioned under this suite.

  • Telecom Network Management System
  • Mediation System
  • Revenue Assurance System
  • Fraud Management System
  • MINSAT Transaction Monitoring System
  • VoIP Caller Detection System
  • Subscriber Lifecycle Management System
  • Regulatory Affairs Management System

Subsidiary Banking System (SBS):

As we see, banking domain is facing the pressure of compliance more than ever. We designed a few modules to help the banks in risk management and compliance monitoring. We have organized the supporting processes to core banking with the following functionalities.

  • Anti-Money Laundering Management System
  • Counter Terrorist Financing Management System
  • Base-II Reporting System

Microfinance Management System:

Microfinace is on the rise globally. But, there are a few processes that most those MF organizations are doing manually. Keeping this in mind, we have provisioned the following functional features in under this suite.

  • Branch Budget Forecasting Management
  • Branch Review Management
  • Migration Welfare Loan Management