About CTrends Software & Services

CTrends Software & Services Limited is a software development firm which focuses on business innovations. We are dedicated to bring fresh thoughts and produce innovative solutions to our clients’ business challenges. We use technology as a tool solve business challenges and enable big business gains. Information technology is evolving very fast and becoming more extra-ordinary every day or so. We take the advantage of this fast innovation development to produce to charming solution for our valued clients.

Though we are a software company, we take strong position on business R&D to find out what businesses need. Therefore, we make a very strong partnership with our sister company, Innovative Minds Consulting Limited – a management consulting firm, to get the heart of business practices & norms, legal and regulatory compliance requirements and clients’ general gain aspirations.

We develop software products which can be configured and customized by the clients and implementation consultants worldwide without the need of re-programming. Our clients can use our product on their PC, smartphone as well as tabs – same application, multiple front-ends (iOS and Android). We produce business applications with cover ERP, BI and GRC areas in nature, which are integrated fully. However, our business model is focused on Managed Capacity and Managed Service. We deploy the technology on the cloud and we take care of it for our clients.

Innovation is one of our core work values. We define ‘Innovation’ as meeting customer needs with unique solutions. Our approach to work is being innovative to bring improvements in the top line as well as the bottom line of an organization.

Our vision statement is:

“We bring innovation to your business and innovation leads to success.”

Our guiding principles are:

  • Think fresh, think big and act boldly
  • Focus on value delivery to customers
  • Build a strong talent pool full of creativity and passion
  • Build a lovable workplace and be a part of great work products
  • Collaborate across boundaries
  • Contribute to the society through responsible works