CXO Cockpit

We have designed this application suite for management personnel. The senior management officials can plan the business and monitor in real time how it is performing. Separate functional areas have been provisioned for different CXO positions, e.g., CEO, CFO, CMO, CSO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, etc. These features are integrated with low-level processes in real-time. Business Intelligence functionality is an integral part of the system and requires some automated ETL processes to consolidate the data in various formats.

In today's world, all the corporates have some experience of business process automation. The level of automation may vary, but all have a common experience that deploying a software does not mean the system will deliver expected values. It literally gives a lot of headache to ensure a smooth operation.

However, for some deployments where IT applications are working smoothly, management faces another difficulty. The outputs produced by the systems are not designed as suitable for management level. Different CXO positions have different focus areas to monitor and control. The ERP systems are not designed with CXO focus areas with monitoring dashboards. Some BI applications are available for dashboards. But, their outputs are not designed with adequate business control perspectives. They generally fall short at various verticals of management (CXO).

It is a common observation globally that management executives are more inclined to monitor business operations and other areas of concern by using PowerPoint slides instead of online software. They look into various domains, e.g., commercial, operational, compliance, risk, governance, etc. They always look forward to getting automation-assistance in these areas.

ERP systems automate the work processes. BI systems prepare monitoring dashboards. So, what about a BI system that works like interactive PPT by pulling data from ERP?